The working title of this little video was “I Stare At People”. It was meant to be just a post on my blog,

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time, but just kept putting it off. I seem to do that a lot. So at a loss for topics, around 5PM I started writing. While I write, I always read things out loud to see how they sound. Jeff heard me and said, “We need to shoot video of that”. And so the adventure began.

We didn’t have a microphone, so at 6 PM we ran to DataVision, they didn’t have one. Then to Best Buy, nope they didn’t have it either. At 6:45 PM, we finally decided to check Adorama’s website, They Had It!.

So on the subway and off to Adorama. (I might have stared at a few people) Then to Radio Shack to grab an extension cable. Back at the studio at 7:30ish, we pulled out our Canon Rebel T2i, a scrap piece of white seamless, and set up our set in front of our makeup area lights. We finished filming by 10PM; We would have been done sooner, if I didn’t need so many takes. And editing was completed around 2AM.

Hope you enjoyed!